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Smile English School specializes in education programs for different age groups: from early ages and nursery to adults. Teachers conduct classes at our education centers or on the customers' site – at home or office. The schedule is usually flexible and depends mostly on your students’ schedule. For example, one-day classes could be started at 9 am and finished at 4 pm, the next day will be started after midday.

We welcome teachers from all English native-speaking countries.

Whatever teaching experience you have you'll be able to use your skills and enlarge your knowledge as our students range from toddlers to adults and from beginners to advanced learners. All teachers have assistance with a structuring learning program for each student, tracking progress and creating an optimal program for each student. Headteacher and curriculum developer organize training for new teachers, explain the principles and basics of the working process.

We understand all the complexities of moving into a new country and company that’s why we place a premium on communication – we are ready to answer questions about work and personal issues. Smile English School arranges a wide range of extra-curricular activities, such as sports competitions, excursions, picnics, cruises and other cultural events that enable teachers to know Russian culture in all its outstanding historical and cultural beauty.

We base in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, two major Russian cities. They are safe comparing to many western cities, ready to share their attitude and unique atmosphere. Smile English School will help you with a variety of choices on how to spend your free time with pleasure and interest. The team will be supporting you in your first steps towards exploring the cities and Russian culture.


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