Job info from our teacher - Winter'17 batch

Applying for the work visa:

-If you are successful in obtaining employment, Smile English will mail you an invitation. This is the document you need in order to proceed with the visa application

-Check your options with your visa centre – I opted to have my visa application rushed (2-3 business days). Standard time can be 7 business days or more. Keep in mind that it is more expensive to have it rushed.

Insurance / medical coverage:

-You must have your own insurance policy to obtain a visa to work in Russia. Smile English provides teachers with an insurance policy once you extend your contract with the school after the initial 3 months.

-You may choose to extend your own coverage (after 3 months) in addition to the coverage provided by Smile English. I chose to do such, for if I am travelling outside of the country while on vacation.

Flight reimbursement:

-Should the teacher extend their contract beyond the initial 3 month period, Smile English will cover the cost of the flight to Moscow. This will be paid back in increments, over the following 6 month period. (For a total of 9 months with the school)


-Upon arrival in Moscow, I was brought to a hostel by Smile English administration, where I stayed until my flat was available to move into. This can take anywhere between a couple days to one week.

-I have a room in a shared flat with 2 other teachers at Smile English.

-Our flat is located near the Smile English office, nearby metro stations, markets, and other shopping centres


-Salary is dependent on experience

-Salary is paid monthly, in cash, at the beginning of each month (after tax)

Usual day of work:

-One or multiple classes each day (depends on my schedule) (one day off a week)

-Classes can be scheduled anytime from mid-morning to late in the evening (depending on the client, their schedule and yours)

-Some days, I will have classes in the morning, break for a few hours, and have another later in the day

-Classes can be at the office or at the client’s home throughout Moscow area (travel by metro, buses, or on occasion pick up by the client’s driver)

-At the Smile English office, we have access to multiple classrooms that are suitable for a different teaching / learning environment (large classroom, art centre, smaller “one on one” classroom, play area)

-Also at the office, we have access to various teaching supplies and resources (textbooks, reading materials, art supplies, chalk board, toys and games for young learners, etc.)  *(printer and Wi-Fi on location)

The students:

-My students can differ in age, experience, comfort level, etc.

-The individual needs of each student can vary greatly. Some students seek to prepare for entry into international schools, while others aim to achieve other learning targets such as conversational English

-New students are usually acquired after a trial lesson. This is where I (the teacher) can assess the language skill level and potential needs of the student. Lesson times, structure, and other considerations can be followed up on by the client and Smile English administration.

-You may see some students more frequently than others (depends on what the client wants for their child and their learning targets)