Smile English School specializes in education programs for different age groups: from early ages and nursery to adults. Teachers conduct classes at our education centers or on the customer's site – at home or office. The schedule is usually flexible and depends mostly on your students’ schedule. For example, one day classes could start at 9 am and finish at 4 pm, next day classes could start after midday.

All teachers have assistance with structuring learning program for each student, tracking progress and creating optimal program for each student. Head teacher and curriculum developer organize trainings for new teachers, explain principles and basics of working process.

We understand all the complexities of moving to a new country and working in a new company, that’s why we place a premium on communication – we are ready to answer questions about work and personal issues.


  1. How many students are in the group?

There are up to 6-7 students in the group.

  1. Will I have more group classes or private lessons?

For now, we have more private lessons than group classes

  1. Do you have a dress-code? Is it possible to wear casual?

The main principle is to have neat appearance and proper look, that can be done even with jeans and sweaters. In Russia, teacher is a respectable position and your appearance has to meet expectations of the students and their parents. We don’t need to say that you will never have a second chance to give first impression.

  1. Is accommodation you provide equipped with furniture, linen, Wi-Fi?

Your apartment will have everything for comfortable living – furniture, kitchen, bathroom, etc. and amenities like shops, cafes, parks and gyms situated nearby. We try to rent a flat on a walking distance from the office and make everything possible to accommodate you well. Apartments are two- or three-bedroom, so you will have one or two flatmates, who also work for Smile English School. Usually our teachers become friends and spend spare time together.

  1. Is it possible to rent a flat by myself and choose a contract without accommodation?

Absolutely. We will help to find a flat, but you'll have to pay triple the monthly rent price: payment for the first month, deposit – payment for the last month and an insurance for the landlord and commission for the real estate agent – 30-100 % of monthly payment.

  1. If I will not be capable to work with little kids, can I get older students (5 y.o. and more)?

Options are available all the time. If it becomes apparent that you are better with a certain age group, we will consider this fact before making the schedule.

  1. If after three months of work I will decide to stop contract and leave the country, will your cover my expenses on return ticket?

As we mentioned in the contract, we are ready to compensate round trip ticket if you are working with us for a year or longer.

  1. What will my future schedule look like? Is it possible to work 5 days a week and clear my weekend?

The contract includes 120 teaching hours a month or 30 hours a week. The schedule will be made to fit these numbers. From our experience, teachers who prefer six working days with one day off have 3 classes a day.

  1. How far students who chose classes at home are situated from the office? How long my travel might be?

Our students live in different locations. But when creating a schedule, we always try to consider the location of the previous class to avoid travelling from one part of the city to another. It’s also very important to know how to get to the next place using public transport, because underground is not always the best way. Luckily, there are a lot of smartphone apps we will show that make life much easier.

  1. Do you cover expenses on public transport?

If your schedule needs a lot of travelling, we will buy a travel card for you.

  1. Do you have Russian classes for teachers in Smile English School?

When you come, you will have a “survival” course of Russian language – some basic phrases you should know. If a group of teachers with the same level would like to continue learning Russian, we will help to organize it.